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Welcome to my new website. If you are looking for my older articles I will be transferring them over when I can.

Why Emacs for Data Science

There are no shortage of excellent text editors and IDEs for getting data science work done. But of all the ones I tried, Emacs is the most featureful, flexible and reliable.

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Blogging in Emacs

So I decided to move over my old website to something new. In particular, I wanted a blogging platform that worked around my workflow rather than the other way around.

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Topic Models and Network Analysis

Topic models and network analysis have long been used independently, but there are interesting ways to combine them together. Here's an example illustrating the overlap in topics between groups coupled with how central those groups and topics are.

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Media and Entrepreneurship Across Countries

So there has been a lot talk about how the media hype machine is setting wannabe entrepreneurs up for failure. That is, it’s encouraging folks who may not be serious to try their hand at starting a business when they probably shouldn’t. Below are some charts on the relationship between media, legitimacy and entrepreneurship that attempt to understand media’s impact. I look forward to hearing any thoughts or ideas you might have.

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Commodities and Innovation

Teece predicted many of the perils of outsourcing long before it was hip. In particular, that manufacturing and innovation were tightly linked.

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